Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wedding Magazine Madness

I've always had a bit of an obsession with magazines. I keep archives of them stacked on the coffee table, they crowd out books on the bookshelves, and they take up precious cabinet space in my already too-tiny galley kitchen. There's just something about those glossy pages that I can't let go of.
But when I moved in with Matt I knew I had to get it under control. 
And I did, I really did -- until the engagement. 
Finally, I had another genre of magazines to covet -- wedding magazines! Needless to say there is no shortage of gorgeous, gasp-worthy wedding magazines and I've made quick work of collecting my fair share.
I thought the problem was (relatively) under control until Matt pointed out the leaning tower that I've been building next the sofa. I was quick to defend my tower, they are wedding magazines after all, and a soon to be bride has to have her vices. But, as I looked at the pile collecting dust, I knew it was time to clean house. 
In truth, taming the tower means more then just sending a few magazine to the recycling bin. To me it means narrowing down my wedding vision. There are so many brilliant ideas, so many drool-worthy gowns, so many beautiful centerpieces -- the wedding industry is overflowing with gorgeous things, and a girl can get kind of obsessed with trying to incorporate every little bit of inspiration into her day. But, believe me, this will make you INSANE. Honestly, buy a ticket to crazy town because just as soon as you think you've found the MOST petal-perfect bouquet possible, Martha Stewart will put out a new issue and you will have ten new ideas. 
So, my tower of magazines is not just about collecting pretty glossies, it's about NOT making decisions. And you know what? I'm tired of it. Tonight I will be flipping through these magazines, tearing out the things I love, and letting go of a whole lot of wedding magazine baggage. Cheers!

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